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How stress affects the brain

August 16, 2019

  Stress physically changes your brain in many ways. You’ve heard me refer to the brain being plastic? Well, just check this lot out: Too much white matter (myelin) can develop. In a healthy brain, this provides an insulating electrical sheath enabling nerves to send […]

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Goosebumps as you daydream!

August 9, 2019

    Just about every worthwhile invention or discovery has appeared in the form of a dream before it took shape in the real world. Yet, as children, we were always told to stop daydreaming as it was a waste of time. Seen as a […]

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Stuck in a rut?

August 2, 2019

    We’re slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays and how are we feeling? Groundhog days ahead, looking for ways to entertain the kids, or living full and exciting times, day after day? I do hope it’s the latter……. I came across […]

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Sunny Day!

July 26, 2019

              I don’t know about you, but my childhood memories of the summer holidays are full of nothing but sunshine…….and I’m sure that that cannot possibly be true…..growing up in ‘60s/70s England, surely there was more rain than sun?!? […]

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I need more SPACE!!

July 19, 2019

            It’s December 1968, and the US have just successfully sent a manned mission, Apollo 8, into lunar orbit. Closely watched by people all over the world, it simply whetted our appetites for more! The following year, on the 16th […]

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Ask the Universe

July 12, 2019

            Can you achieve your desire by simply asking the Universe? They say there is power in prayer, so what’s the difference? Manifestation, Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction have all had their good and bad press. They all […]

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Lady Luck

July 5, 2019

            Luck be a Lady Tonight – from the musical, Guys & Dolls – the song makes me think of casinos, black jack, poker, roulette wheels and Monte Carlo!!…. which is where I just happen to be right now! For […]

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Headed for a heatwave

June 28, 2019

              Off to Monte Carlo next week, so here’s my list for keeping cool in the sun!   Wear loose, lightweight, light-coloured, cotton clothing. Drink lots of fluid – aim for 6/8 glasses a day – even more if […]

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Held captive by our brains?

June 21, 2019

              We’re all too familiar with the lethargy and low mood that can sweep over us when sickness strikes, driving us to curl up under the duvet. Believe it or not, these are the effects of inflammation in the […]

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Birthday-note to self

June 14, 2019

            I have always loved writing, ever since I was a small child, losing myself in the creation of some fantastic story. Today, my blogs provide the perfect vehicle for me to continue with this luxury, putting pen to paper […]

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