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Inspirational Winners


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A woman’s work……

March 29, 2019

            Women have better access to education and career opportunities than ever before, and with advances in healthcare, this means we can expect to live even longer. Whilst this may be true, women still seem to be the ones shouldering […]

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More than just a breath of fresh air, this spring?

March 22, 2019

                It was Thoreau who wrote, “We need the tonic of the wilderness……we can never have enough of nature.” I must say, I agree with him: if only we could bottle the benefits of the countryside! Evidence is […]

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Transport yourself to the 4th dimension!

March 15, 2019

    “Entering into a near-hypnotic state, we ‘hold’ our problem in one hand and ‘visualise’ the solution in the other……as our hands meet, we find the problem is solved……”         If you cast your mind back to IW’s 10-year anniversary message, […]

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Only sisters, doing it for themselves??

March 8, 2019

  Females can be just as competitive and aggressive about their lives in terms of careers, finances, partners, home and health, as their male counterparts. So, why has it taken us more than a hundred years to find this out? Last year, we reached the […]

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Make fitness a routine

March 1, 2019

              Using your mind to prepare yourself for any type of movement session can truly enhance its benefits. Research has shown that even simply bringing up positive memories while exercising can help generate positive emotions. When our self-talk (the […]

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The Rock that Never Crumbles

February 22, 2019

When your partner is struggling, it can be difficult to support them without neglecting yourself. Our natural inclination is to encourage a loved one when they’re in a difficult place, to gee them up and help them become more motivated, but research shows that this […]

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The Miracle of Love

February 15, 2019

  According to a report by Focus magazine, one reason for the so-called ‘end of love’ in our society is the acceleration occurring in all areas of life. There is a constant influx of change to deal with, such as continued changes at work, career, […]

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Give it a rest

February 8, 2019

              We think of physical and emotional pain as separate entities, but growing research is refuting this. A recent survey found that arguing with a partner worsens pain in people with chronic pain conditions. Another found that, at the […]

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Breathe easy!

February 1, 2019

  With my dearest and oldest friend of nearly 30 years about to make yet another house-move, this comes as a gift to ensure he breathes on and on, forever!! …. or at least until the ripe old age of 96!! Breathing is the most […]

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The three faces of pain ……

January 24, 2019

  ……namely, acute, chronic and neuropathic. Let’s take each one in turn:   Acute pain This occurs in the short term and is usually a direct response to an injury. It’s part of the body’s natural, in-built alarm system, signalling that it is being attacked […]

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