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Many Happy Returns – Live Long & Prosper

Today marks my youngest nephew’s first birthday!

Born on 26th March, in the first week of lockdown in 2020, this remarkable little boy is proof positive that we all enter the world as princes and princesses! Yay!!!!……….unfortunately, it is life, potentially, that then turns us into frogs!!??!!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!! Another yay!!!

Baby Bakr shares his birthday with another of my heroes: Leonard Nimoy……and I distinctly remember thinking on the day (while enjoying my occasional, regular fix of Star Trek that morning) that, if this little bundle of joy arrives on time, given the significance of the date, it could, indeed, be the return of the Messiah!?! Or, failing that, the return of Mr. Spock, at the very least!!!

Of course, I jest, I think(!) – anyway, the point I’m attempting to make – if I ever get there – is that this new race of lockdown babies is a very different breed of human – not sure if any of you have noticed, but they are indeed a whole new type of baby!!……and a huge Hallelujah and Amen to that!!……because, we’re certainly gonna need a new, more highly evolved race of people to get us out of this, one unholy mess of a world we find ourselves swimming and nearly drowning in!

The fact that people continue to use their outdated ways of thinking, gathered from over the last 200 years or so, believing this to be the only way to regain prosperity in the 21st century, (never mind, with integrity!) in an entirely new world, post-pandemic and beyond ….well, it just beggars belief!

So, as I return to planet Earth, after my short rant, I see that the young ones have got it right, yet again, and that we need to listen to the wise words of our children, if we really are to save humankind……it’s grow or die, evolve or perish, right here, right now – you take your pick.

Listen, it’s no skin off my nose what happens to ME …. I see my 60th birthday next year! I’m having a great time and likely to be well out of it before the end of this century! It’s the next generation I’m rooting for as I do my Pied Piper impression, with flute at the ready!!

Seriously, no more messing with their future, folks! Stop interfering and you’ll find all human potential, fulfilled, totally effortlessly! Choose to mess up your own lives, that’s fine. With the greatest of pleasure, be my guest, but what gives us the right to ruin theirs??? I ask you!!!

Think on, and remember, we either work with the forces of Mother Nature or she works against us….and with the way things are in the world, currently…… mmmh?? QED, me thinks!!

Live Long & Prosper, my friends……

Here’s to that United Earth, we so desperately need right NOW!


…………and a very Happy Birthday to you, my darling Abu Bakr!

With all the love in the world, from me, this crazy koo-koo of an auntie, aka, The Pied Piper, to you, dear sweet baby – may God bless you with all the abundance of this awesome universe, showering you with heaven-sent health, wealth & wisdom and most of all, a future filled with much love & happiness!! Have a Fabulous Day!!! xxx

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