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Love yourself this Valentine’s Day!


Self-love is a concept many of my clients struggle with, wondering how on earth are we supposed to “do” it?

If love, is love, is love, is love, then surely, it must really be quite simple……..simple, yes, but not necessarily easy. We all get this, in theory, but putting it into practice is a very different matter, bringing up a whole plethora of peculiar feelings for people……feelings as diverse as embarrassment and shame through to downright stupidity and even horror, at the very thought of finding affection for oneself!

What is it that happens to us, I wonder, when we grow up??.…..as we leave that adorable little baby, we all once were, behind……never mind parents who may abandon their children, what about some of us who may have abandoned ourselves, through simply not knowing how to take care of our own needs? Great at being there for others, but running on empty on a regular basis, leading to feelings of physical exhaustion, mentally overwhelmed, emotionally drained and spiritually pained. Not good!!

All healing takes place from within the body. A doctor’s hand may perform the operation and medicine may provide the circumstances for health to return, but it is our spirit that then has the correct or detrimental effect on the body, compounded or enhanced by what is going on in the mind.

A body, without spirit, cannot be healed – it won’t heal, not without that burning flame of life to sustain itself. Our bodies must die, we all know this, but there is still power within each of us, using faith and positive energy, to alter our cells so that we can speed up the healing process. Remember, it’s not the plaster that heals the cut finger – out bodies know how to heal themselves…..as long as we can keep the mind out of the way…..and that’s the tricky part!

Having been conditioned to become excellent worriers, living lives of quiet desperation, riddled with “stress”, is it any wonder we see people struggling with a whole array of ailments? What happened to the word, WELLNESS, instead of illness, for heaven’s sake??… and LOVE instead of fear?

Love is, indeed, what makes the world go round – it is all you need and if we just let it be, we see everything return to its natural level, with equilibrium restored. It’s only our own human need to interfere all the time that gets in the way……constantly picking at that scab, preventing it from healing properly, leaving a permanent scar to show how wounded we all are!

The cemetery is full of such well-meaning martyrs, and whilst this may sound harsh, really people, how long do you think we all have on this mortal plane?!!? Wake up and smell the coffee! While we’re alive, we all have a job to do and we owe it to ourselves to get busy living! …or, as Morgan Freeman said in “The Shawshank Redemption” (…and what a film, that was!!) ….. we all just spend our time with being busy dying!

So, folks, let’s get this show on the road – we ain’t, none of us, got forever!!

  1. Remind yourself that you are as important today as you were the day you were born!
  2. Keep up with any daily practice that floats your own boat and makes you feel amazing!
  3. Establish a routine or regime that works for you, and not anybody else!
  4. Commit to it!!!!
  5. Keep practising your practice!
  6. Start a book to record your moments of insight!
  7. Rejoice and celebrate each and every success!!

So, here’s to that burning LOVE, keeping everyone on FIRE this Valentine’s Day!

Have yourselves a most FABULOUS day!!

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