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Inspirational Winners


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Confusing leadership style??

October 11, 2019

              Up one day, down the next – your people know what you’re like, so they will just get on with it, won’t they, right? Wrong! Developing a steady leadership persona is vital if you want your people to […]

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A race against time?

October 4, 2019

              Do you sometimes forget your appointments, dates, files, keys or even important deadlines? Do you have access to all the technology in the world and still find yourself apologising for these oversights? Do you sometimes even wish there […]

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A Universe of Energy

September 27, 2019

            Energy is life. It is the inevitable force that animates the human body and permeates everything in the natural world, including animals, plants, trees and rocks, as well as the earth, sun, moon and stars. Invisible, like the air […]

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Beginner’s Mind

September 20, 2019

            As the autumn equinox approaches, this time of year is just as significant as the spring for new beginnings. As the prospect of a new project, a new relationship, a new job, a new house, or even a whole […]

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Get Real

September 13, 2019

            Allowing myself to become more vulnerable and being real are all part of an ongoing process of self-discovery. With an intense “Be Strong” driver running through my veins (almost as ferociously as the adidas three stripes!), I still have […]

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Manic Mornings

September 6, 2019

            The new school year often brings with it a whole rainbow-coloured set of intentions: pristine uniforms all laid out the night before, books, diaries, pens, calendars, all poised at the ready, even lunch negotiated with each child. The first […]

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Take charge

August 30, 2019

            Think back to your favourite bosses, teachers or people of influence within your community. What was it about them that impressed you? Different cultures value different personality traits, but studies suggest that the following qualities always inspire confidence:   […]

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Be a STAR!

August 23, 2019

          Being able to showcase your skills is vital if you want to prove your flexibility and adaptability – it makes you highly attractive to potential recruiters. The STAR technique below demonstrates, brilliantly, how to present any setbacks you may have […]

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How stress affects the brain

August 16, 2019

  Stress physically changes your brain in many ways. You’ve heard me refer to the brain being plastic? Well, just check this lot out: Too much white matter (myelin) can develop. In a healthy brain, this provides an insulating electrical sheath enabling nerves to send […]

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Goosebumps as you daydream!

August 9, 2019

    Just about every worthwhile invention or discovery has appeared in the form of a dream before it took shape in the real world. Yet, as children, we were always told to stop daydreaming as it was a waste of time. Seen as a […]

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