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Inspirational Winners


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Skipping for May Day!

May 3, 2019

            As the first spring bank holiday weekend arrives, how about a quick rewind back to your school days when some of you may have been dancing round the maypole (!?!), or better still, watching the movie, Rocky! The wellness […]

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Addicted? No way!

April 26, 2019

    Think ‘addict’, and substance abuse usually springs to mind. A new wave of cravings could be just as damaging to our wellbeing, so read on if you want to learn more…… Although the so-called ‘modern’ addictions, such as sex, gambling, and even exercise […]

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Good Food for Good Friday!

April 19, 2019

As we approach the end of Lent, having hopefully given ourselves a period of rest from the over-indulgence that can sometimes be seen as the norm, I wonder what foods we could consider getting our fill of this Easter, instead of too much chocolate?? Phrases […]

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Energy Hygiene

April 12, 2019

              As I embark on an exciting, new beginning this spring (with Monte Carlo beckoning in July! …. more on this another time!?!), I feel the time is right for me to share with you, why clearing our energy […]

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The needs of the many……

April 5, 2019

Situations crying out for leadership are easy to find. Focusing on the precise need that will bring about productive change, however, well that is another matter, entirely. As we begin to assess what is required, we soon discover that a ‘need’ is very different from […]

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A woman’s work……

March 29, 2019

            Women have better access to education and career opportunities than ever before, and with advances in healthcare, this means we can expect to live even longer. Whilst this may be true, women still seem to be the ones shouldering […]

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More than just a breath of fresh air, this spring?

March 22, 2019

                It was Thoreau who wrote, “We need the tonic of the wilderness……we can never have enough of nature.” I must say, I agree with him: if only we could bottle the benefits of the countryside! Evidence is […]

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Transport yourself to the 4th dimension!

March 15, 2019

    “Entering into a near-hypnotic state, we ‘hold’ our problem in one hand and ‘visualise’ the solution in the other……as our hands meet, we find the problem is solved……”         If you cast your mind back to IW’s 10-year anniversary message, […]

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Only sisters, doing it for themselves??

March 8, 2019

  Females can be just as competitive and aggressive about their lives in terms of careers, finances, partners, home and health, as their male counterparts. So, why has it taken us more than a hundred years to find this out? Last year, we reached the […]

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Make fitness a routine

March 1, 2019

              Using your mind to prepare yourself for any type of movement session can truly enhance its benefits. Research has shown that even simply bringing up positive memories while exercising can help generate positive emotions. When our self-talk (the […]

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