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Inspirational Winners


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Headed for a heatwave

June 28, 2019

              Off to Monte Carlo next week, so here’s my list for keeping cool in the sun!   Wear loose, lightweight, light-coloured, cotton clothing. Drink lots of fluid – aim for 6/8 glasses a day – even more if […]

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Held captive by our brains?

June 21, 2019

              We’re all too familiar with the lethargy and low mood that can sweep over us when sickness strikes, driving us to curl up under the duvet. Believe it or not, these are the effects of inflammation in the […]

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Birthday-note to self

June 14, 2019

            I have always loved writing, ever since I was a small child, losing myself in the creation of some fantastic story. Today, my blogs provide the perfect vehicle for me to continue with this luxury, putting pen to paper […]

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Eid Mubarak

June 7, 2019

              As Ramadan comes to an end for 2019, the holy month of fasting has, once again, provided an opportunity for me to look inward……. and to give thanks, as I celebrate fully engaging my mind, heart and soul. […]

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Handstand a go-go!!

May 31, 2019

              Balancing your entire body on only your two hands carries impressive benefits!   It’s a strength-training exercise, so it’s good for both muscle mass and bone density; it strengthens your shoulders, arms, abdominal and gluteal muscles and helps […]

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Big school looms ahead!

May 24, 2019

              The last half-term of the academic year is already upon us and, with my little nephew, Amaan, soon to move to ‘big school’, I can’t help but remember my own first day at secondary school, back in the […]

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Imposter Syndrome

May 17, 2019

              We all feel out of our depth from time to time, anxious about a presentation or an important meeting, or feel momentarily overshadowed by an overly ambitious colleague – all of which is perfectly normal. The odd bout […]

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Reaching boiling point?

May 10, 2019

            We’ve all suffered a touch of burnout, all experienced a mental wobble or two – losing a job, divorce, family illness, bereavement – any of these can age the brain by up to four years! Chronic stress is now […]

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Skipping for May Day!

May 3, 2019

            As the first spring bank holiday weekend arrives, how about a quick rewind back to your school days when some of you may have been dancing round the maypole (!?!), or better still, watching the movie, Rocky! The wellness […]

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Addicted? No way!

April 26, 2019

    Think ‘addict’, and substance abuse usually springs to mind. A new wave of cravings could be just as damaging to our wellbeing, so read on if you want to learn more…… Although the so-called ‘modern’ addictions, such as sex, gambling, and even exercise […]

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