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Listening…a dying art?

January 1, 2015

The Chinese verb ‘to listen’ is composed of 5 characters: the ear, you, the eyes, undivided attention and the heart. This translation suggests that listening is much more than the simple instinctive function of hearing words or sounds. In fact, the true art of listening […]

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Anger and Self Esteem

December 19, 2014

Having carried out considerable work with people in the field of anger, here are some of the many responses received about how it makes them feel. Can you relate to any of these and, if so, which ones in particular? You shouldn’t be angry because […]

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Cosmic and Grounding Energy as a Healing Force this Christmas

December 12, 2014

Have you considered yourself, not simply as a human being but, as a truly powerful ball of energy? An energy that is not just the physical kind we use to get through each and every day, but much, much more than that? Apart from having […]

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Normal Healing

Firstly, I can tell you that whatever you’re going through right now is quite normal…….and secondly, just to confirm, there is actually no such thing as normal……. You are not alone and you are not being singled out by the cosmos as one who is […]

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You have to feel it to heal it…

December 5, 2014

If, like many people, you are avoiding your pain and grief as a means of coping, remind yourself: Fear of pain is often worse than the pain itself. When pain starts to seep through to your consciousness, let it come. Don’t fight the tears back, […]

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It’s all about the energy and keeping our channels clear

December 2, 2014

Many of us live in our heads because feelings can be too frightening. It’s far easier to stay in our heads, thinking, believing and judging, because doing so seems safer than navigating through our uncomfortable feelings. People who are good at this could be referred […]

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Develop your self-confidence

November 21, 2014

Improve your physical environment – you don’t have to move house, just buy some flowers. Laugh out loud for 20 minutes every day and flush out those anxiety toxins. Switch your negative thoughts to positive ones and make this your new daily habit. Talk to […]

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Think Like a Lion

November 7, 2014

It was the snake charmer in the summer, now it’s the lion tamer’s turn – all those years as a kid wanting to run away to the circus…they weren’t wasted! See below! Graham Thomas Chipperfield, a star lion tamer with Barnum & Bailey Circus, was […]

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Bad times: permanent or temporary?

October 24, 2014

Bouncing back depends on the stories you tell yourself. These stories or “self-talk” as we call them, can either help you to persist in the face of failure or disable you and make you downright miserable. Pessimists, who generally don’t bounce back easily from bad […]

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Do what you love and love what you do…

October 10, 2014

“Make the most of your mind” may be part of the Inspirational Winners’ philosophy, but the reason I use it is down to a book I came across back in the 1970s, written by the maestro genius, Tony Buzan. A fellow Gemini, precisely 20 years […]

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