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Happily ever after…..

St. Valentine’s Day may only come round each 14th February, but truly commit to these 8 golden nuggets and you are ensured true happiness…..every day, every year, for the rest of your life!

  1. Identify a clear purpose – never waste time delaying this by worrying or criticising
  1. Know you’re on track – seek out immediate feedback from anywhere or anyone
  1. Concentrate on the job in hand – be mindful in all that you do, not mindless!
  1. Believe in the real possibility of your success – stay consistently hopeful, not fearful
  1. Show total involvement – commit to the sheer love of your purpose
  1. Remain uninhibited – loss of self-consciousness is vital in the pursuit of your dreams
  1. Take control of your steering wheel – make every single one of your own choices
  1. Look for pleasure in all that do – with no sense of time, you create a happier, more satisfying life, right here, right now!

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