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February - a time to find love

 This month’s consideration: Heart or Mind?
Many Eastern philosophies make no distinction between heart and mind. If you’re temperamentally inclined towards one, this month explore its opposite – the wisdom side of love, for example, or the compassionate side of reason. In addition to nursing your feelings, why not examine your motivations? All these steps will stabilise your relationships, and bring warmth and humour into your decision-making so that you ease tensions at work and at home. This blend of sense and sensibility produces an exquisite equilibrium.

This month’s Affirmation
“I infuse my decisions with my heart, and my relationships with wisdom. I am compassionate and reflective, as the situation requires.”

This month’s Practice: Filling the World with Love
Loving and being loved are simple decisions to open your heart. Close your eyes and picture someone you care for seated opposite you. As you inhale, feel their love flow through your body, filling every cell. Bask in the warmth. As you exhale, send love to the other person till it fills their whole being. With each in and out breath, imagine the field of love gradually expanding until it embraces everyone, everywhere, right across the globe.

This month’s Project: Re-Mind Yourself
An active mind is the best defence against ageing – and very good for your health. Give yourself an assignment this month: enrol on a new course, read up on a specific topic or join a group and enjoy the stimulation of exchanging ideas and opinions. Entertainment can be a real education if you go for plays, movies, concerts and TV programmes with some element of social or spiritual value.

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