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Search For Your Soul’s Desire

It may feel safe, having allowed yourself to remain stuck in the dull routine of a mere existence, but this takes you to a very low energy point and, eventually, strips you of the joy of your experiences of life.
It’s a certain path to the extinction of the soul and our life spirit, leaving us to swirl inside a crazy vortex of limiting beliefs and ongoing disappointments in life.

Then sometimes, you get this twinge of aliveness that comes from simply a minor adjustment to your routine …even for a few moments, you recognise what it is…..your soul’s response to being released from its cage!…….but, do you do anything about keeping it free, so that it never returns to its life of imprisonment? Would you even know, how?

If you want personal growth and for your soul to evolve (….and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do), you’ll need to leave some of the old behind and stretch yourself into something new……and with that may come some growing pains, my friend, because it hurts, when we shed a skin.

Our souls were never designed to support a life of monotony and routine. We were meant to experience the terrifying and the truly awesome! ….to learn how to overcome our worldly concerns and to be bigger than what troubles us…. and, BECAUSE of our circumstances (not in spite of them) to become the best version of ourselves that is humanly possible…and there lies the key – the fact that we ARE human, with all the frailties and flaws that come with this.

Steer your life outside that well-trodden road and teach yourself how to see things from a different perspective.

Go on, do the human thing and search for your soul’s desire this September – you know it makes sense.

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