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Inspirational Winners


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Life coaching, step by step….

July 15, 2016

Step 1 – know yourself – how am I when I am my very ‘best’ self? Step 2 – prepare for change – what change or transformation do I want in my life? Step 3 – check out your beliefs – how can I best […]

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Personal Power

July 8, 2016

As the month of Ramadan comes to a close for yet another year and the Eid celebrations commence, it’s a great time for all of us, whatever our beliefs, be they limiting or liberating, to check we’re still on track with our lives. Whether we […]

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Be more of a coach and less of a boss!

July 1, 2016

Being a good coach isn’t always easy – you need to be both supportive and directive at the appropriate times, and it’s never about being a soft touch! TLC has nothing to do with tender, loving care in my book – for me, it’s all […]

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Mental health tips

June 24, 2016

There are many benefits to improving your mental resilience and emotional fitness levels. Aside from simply enabling you to become more successful at work, there is the undeniable benefit of achieving a more meaningful, well-balanced and enjoyable life all round. Probiotics: probiotics are popular supplements […]

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Effective Ways to Cope with a Panic Attack at Work

June 21, 2016

Most of us will experience certain levels of stress and anxiety at some point in our lives. However, for some, a panic attack can have a major impact on their daily existence. Did you know that… 1 in 10 experience occasional panic attacks 2 in […]

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Delaying the ageing process

June 17, 2016

With the passing of another birthday, (not only have I chosen to mark the occasion with a total re-vamp of our newsletter! Hope you like it!), I can’t help feeling eternally grateful that I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate yet another great year (despite, or […]

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The best time to reflect on life? Do it while you’re on holiday!!

It’s rare to find people regularly taking stock of their lives – strange how an annual audit seems to be the norm for business, but not for one’s personal life? Most odd! As a former accountant, it’s very much in my blood to say that […]

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Amazing mind…

June 10, 2016

As Derren Brown’s biggest fan, I’d do as he suggests, and grow something amazing this June with the power of suggestion! An excellent way to understand the workings of the mind is to look upon it as if it were a garden: you have to […]

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New ways to improve wellbeing at work

June 3, 2016

Recent studies have highlighted some interesting findings where experts recommend the following evidence-based tricks for keeping anxiety levels down: Do someone a 5-minute favour – volunteering helps people connect with others, which aids in the recovery of all types of anxiety. You can achieve the […]

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The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat!

May 27, 2016

It’s a bank holiday weekend and with it comes a day out at the Races, perhaps……and with this one thought comes another……..how racing around is something we all do from time to time, which got me thinking about the rat race thing in general, and […]

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