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Love is all you Need

February 10, 2017

As we head for St. Valentine’s Day, you’re more than likely to hear me humming one of the best known national anthems ever created in the ‘Marseillaise’. As I continue with the words, “love, love, love…….there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done; there’s […]

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10 Positive Ways to Start the New Year

January 9, 2017

2017 – A New Year and a chance to make a fresh start. There are many positive ways to kick start the New Year. The following are our 10 favourite suggestions:- Write your top 10 goals for this year and put them on a mirror […]

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A sane mind

January 6, 2017

My passion for people’s wellbeing in terms of mental resilience and emotional fitness may stem from my desire to better understand my brother’s condition, but after all these years, it suddenly struck me that I don’t actually know what the letters in SANE or MIND, […]

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Happy New Year!!

January 1, 2017

From Inspirational Winners, we wish you all health, wealth, wisdom and prosperity for a truly remarkable and brilliant 2017!! Have fun and share the love!!!

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2017 – your wish is your desire??

December 30, 2016

As we see one year out and welcome another one in, we may well be considering what’s going to help make it a happy one. Whether we’re lucky enough to be celebrating this weekend or not, it’s a whole 12 months we have ahead to […]

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Staying sane this Christmas in a totally mad world!

December 23, 2016

As we head towards the end of the year and we give ourselves vital time to take stock, breathe deeply and reflect, I reckon we could put 2016 up there as one of our most memorable of years, but perhaps not always for the right […]

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It’s behind you!!

December 16, 2016

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more fun-filled than the traditional escapism of panto with the kids at Christmas! Actually, now I come to think about it properly, I’d probably be going out to one even without the kids!??!! This crazy British notion […]

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Coping with Christmas: Winter Blues Survival Guide

December 12, 2016

For most people the Christmas period is a special fun time of year when family and friends get together to party and celebrate, but for some it can be a time of increased stress and anxiety which may lead to depression, irritability, sleeplessness and exhaustion. […]

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Guilt: the mafia of the mind!

December 9, 2016

Looking back, with feelings of guilt, generally stops people from being able to move forward. We can get stuck in the past thinking we’ve made a much more serious mistake than anyone else will have picked up on. We’re so wrapped up in our own […]

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A super-fit business

December 2, 2016

With more and more emphasis on our individual health and fitness levels, we all seem to be talking about wellbeing these days, but, I wonder, do we adopt this same approach to the business world? No-one can deny the positive results that come from looking […]

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