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March for moral injury

Some missions, you may not be in the fortunate position to be able to choose whether or not to accept them. With your moral compass being tested to the limit, moral injury has been described as “intense psychological distress resulting from actions (or lack of actions) that clash with a person’s moral or ethical code”. To put it simply, it’s something you did (or couldn’t do) that went totally against your morals.

It can happen in the Armed Forces, when someone is following orders or specific rules of engagement. For instance, someone might witness human suffering and not be able to stop it. They desperately want to act differently, but simply can’t.

After recognising that the standard treatment for those with PTSD does not have as good an outcome with those with moral injury, the team at “Combat Stress” (For Veterans’ Mental Health) undertook a pilot of a new treatment for this condition.

Currently being tested with a larger group of veterans, it is hoped to make this pioneering treatment plan available to all veterans who may be in need of this in the future. Research in this area is very kindly being funded by the Forces in Mind Trust and is being conducted in partnership with King’s College, London.

Demand for these services remains high, and moral injury is just one of the more complex mental health challenges “Combat Stress” is helping veterans with. In the last financial year alone, nearly 12,500 veterans benefitted from their specialist support, with many more thousands in need of ongoing support.

Join us and make a stand this month – make time to go on a march this March and help “Combat Stress” continue to do its amazing work in restoring and rebuilding lives!



Fundraising: 01372 587 151 (donations & events calendar)

Helpline: 0800 138 1619 (for veterans and their families)


Thank You!

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