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Our program reboot for 2024

The energy that our minds produce radiates outward like the beam of a lighthouse and the effects can be felt, even at huge distances, by others who are in tune with us. Most of us have had the experience of thinking about someone who then, seemingly miraculously, immediately makes contact with us. It may be wise to remember that this strange phenomenon of power can work in both a positive and a negative way.



Negative thoughts will attract negative situations and negative people. Never overlook the fact that whatever your dominant thought patterns are at any particular time, they will attract similar feelings towards you. This process can be described as resonance. If you strike a tuning fork, when there is a violin in the same room, the string corresponding to that note would begin to vibrate in sympathy, i.e. it resonates.

In the same way, the world around you – your external world – is simply a reflection of your inner state, which is going on in your own mind. We are all, therefore, in possession of an amazing power that makes it possible to change the world immediately around us by changing our inner world. When we can understand and accept that everything we are experiencing out there is simply a reflection of our own personality and attitudes, this is when we, finally, can take charge of our lives. Split infinitive, I know, but who cares!?!

As we know, our minds operate on two levels. The conscious mind is the part we think and reason with, whilst the second level controls our daily activities, dealing with the automatic requirements of simply being alive. The subconscious performs millions of functions every second as it activates every movement we make, every action we take. Just like a computer, it never stops translating every thought, sight, sound and sensation into action, through the process of comparative assessment and the resultant feedback.

Consider the mental processes that take place while driving your car – the actions required and the messages sent and received that make any journey possible are all activated at the subconscious level of our brain. This bio-computer is forever comparing past and present experiences, producing what we think of as automatic actions. This is NOT the rational, reasoning part of the brain, but the part that reacts ONLY to instructional programming. Your life is basically being run like a computer program …..and an outdated one at that!

To one extent or another, we have all been programmed to go through life on automatic pilot. Programmed with restrictive attitudes right from the start, impacting self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence, is it any wonder people struggle to fulfil their potential? Clearly, if we want things to be different, be it our health, our relationships, our careers etc. the first job is to now unscramble the mess in our heads and begin the process of reprogramming our minds so that we can become the person we were meant to be.

We are not our minds, nor are we, our bodies. As life-long custodians of both, though, our job is to take excellent care of them. Just as we must eat and drink well, and clean and exercise the body to keep it in peak condition, we must also produce properly prepared programming instructions for the mind – we’ll talk about the 4 Ps of visualization another time. Just as an athlete knows the body is a machine, the mind is exactly the same: a machine performing tasks expected of it, based on the instructions fed into its memory.

At the subconscious level, just like a computer, the mind is NOT a thinking mechanism. It simply responds to commands based on the information provided. Unlike the conscious mind, it is totally incapable of being either logical or critical. The more up to date, precise and accurate the information, the better and more effective the outcome. This process, over time, is what we now call learning. What messages have you unconsciously learnt in your earlier life, and taken on board without question, that may now be getting in the way of your being happy? Regular re-boots and upgrades are vital for your computer. This is even more so for the mind, if we want to live our best lives and interact positively with the people around us.

Programming entails emptying the mind of unwanted commands that produce conditioned responses, and then reprogramming it with new commands – commands that help develop instinctive habits of success in all areas of our lives. Intensive physical training is aimed at producing pre-programmed, medal-winning responses in the athlete’s body. In exactly the same way, we can enhance the performance of our mental attitude, by choosing to respond to new information as it comes in, moment by moment. With the dedicated practice of stopping in our tracks and avoiding any reference to previous, outdated, unwanted outcomes, we can now produce new unquestioning reactions, interactions and behaviours, more useful for today’s challenges. We no longer need to be at the mercy of our past conditioning! Here’s to 2024!

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