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Feed the Soul, Free your Spirit…..

As stress levels skyrocket in our lives, there is a growing call to heal the “human condition”. More people are now depending less on modern medicine, finding greater solace in meditation, therapies and mindfulness.

The human condition is so-called, as it relates to our past conditioning, essentially being reactions to stimuli from experiences that affect the behaviour of a person, including their thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual wholeness and well-being. Experienced as a form of dissociation, this can manifest as not knowing who you are, uncertainty about your life, loss of connection to the world around you and your emotions, unable to connect with your conscious mind. Used as a defence mechanism to pain and suffering, it serves as a safety valve, automatically being triggered when it fears any trauma, especially from past experiences. Conditioned neurons affect the brain in a negative way, preventing a human being’s ability to be in flow with their body or in harmony with their mind.

Soul Therapy considers our appetites, desires and affections. It involves supporting the eradication of pain and suffering from within the human condition. Our core conditioning is the result of the imprinting of culture, society, religious beliefs, family upbringing, educational establishments, together with peer pressure, messages from the media, politicians, government, pharmaceutical companies and other corporate bodies. Pain and suffering are at the core of our conditioning, which can suppress the ability to live life in balance, whilst pursuing flow activities is at the root of feeding our soul.

Spirit Therapy focuses on the fulfilment of a person’s potential, by accessing and connecting to a divine or higher power. Exploring one’s motivations, a spiritual perspective (as opposed to a material one) is becoming more and more important for people as they attempt to find greater meaning in their lives. We may begin to question the spiritual beliefs we were taught as children, striking out with a new set of beliefs, creating a creed of one’s own choosing. Others may lose their way on their path of life, finding themselves in need of guidance. By exploring and consolidating our sense of self, balance is achieved as we return to our natural state, finding ourselves harmoniously back on track.

In order to live more enriched lives, filled with love, peace and harmony, a simple return to acts of faith or soul-searching is called for. Through meditation and therapies that give us access to a universal power, equally available to all of us, we can work towards becoming the free spirits we were born to be. By altering our brainwave patterns, we release the pain associated with our past conditioning, so unleashing an extraordinary inner strength – personal empowerment is finally there for the taking!

So, how ready are you to heal? …to be free of your past conditioning? …..to break the shackles that are holding you back and to live your authentic life as nature would have intended? Or, are you content to remain stuck, living in fear, with your negative thoughts and feelings for company for the rest of your days?

It’s Friday 13th today, so go on!

Make a new choice this Halloween and sign up to be rid of your demons, once and for all.

Keep the Faith, believe that Magic is Real, that anything is possible……

Then, Behold! Simply watch it unfold, right before your very eyes…….

Miracles are happening everywhere! Remember, ‘Believing is Seeing’ ……..you only have to look!

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