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What would ‘Love’ say?

Today, when someone gives you grief and says something that sets you off, remember to pause for a moment and ponder over how Love would respond.  If you could embody Love and give Love a voice, what would it say?

We need to remember sometimes that we’re all living in the same pressure cooker of energy together, and we’re all just doing our best, facing our individual fears as they come up to the surface. We’re all dealing with our own insecurities and buried beliefs and emotions so, knowing that, how might that change our response to someone?

Might we respond with more compassion, empathy and understanding?  It doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge your own hurt feelings when someone says something hurtful to you, but it does mean that you might do well to pause and ask what Love would say, and let the words of Love diffuse the situation, and then go back and reflect on your feelings while there’s not a volatile situation exploding.

When you make the decision to speak the words of Love, and then go back and examine your emotional reactions afterwards, you allow yourself time to examine the triggers behind your own anger, so you can then release it.  For example, you may come to realise, “I felt angry because he wasn’t listening to me” or “She just kept talking over me and didn’t listen to a word I said,” so give yourself the chance to explore the situation.

If you ask yourself why it made you angry, you may discover that your anger is really a shield, protecting you from feeling the real emotions behind the anger – perhaps beliefs in being unworthy, worthless, not good enough to be seen or heard, or lacking in value as a person.  These emotions are so very painful, and anger acts as a barrier, serving as a shield or a wall, protecting us from feeling the real and much more painful emotions that come from these underlying beliefs.

But…..and it’s a big But (and, therefore, worthy of merit in beginning both this sentence and a new paragraph!), we can’t clear out those beliefs until we admit they exist for us, and that they really are there, blocking our true, inner beauty and capacity for love.  So, be ok with your triggers and allow them to lead you to whatever underlying subconscious beliefs you may have, in order for you to let them go.

Ask yourself, always, what would Love say?……and then let your inner beauty radiate outwards to reach the other. As you discover, and let go of, painful, underlying beliefs, you may find that your anger also dissolves, simply because you don’t need it anymore.

Allow yourselves to shine from within and allow compassion to replace conflict every time. You never know, you may learn something new about yourself in the process!!

Much love to you all, xx

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