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Do what you love and love what you do...

“Make the most of your mind” may be part of the Inspirational Winners’ philosophy, but the reason I use it is down to a book I came across back in the 1970s, written by the maestro genius, Tony Buzan. A fellow Gemini, precisely 20 years my senior, it was as a teenager, that I discovered this amazing book and then stumbled across his fabulously engaging mind maps on late night BBC2 telly during the, then transmitted, Open University programmes!

Now in his early 70s, Tony Buzan is still the guru of all things mentalist and probably the inspiration to many of today’s psychological illusionists, not to mention another of my heroes, Derren Brown……but it was even before then, as far back as 1972, in fact, that my mind was being swayed by the brilliance of such mental trickery: cue the American, George Joseph Kresge.

Much to the dismay of my late father, who would rather I had shown more interest in catching up on my studies while off sick from school, instead of watching daytime telly, I was transfixed by a bespectacled individual, whose apparent psychic and paranormal skills were mesmerising audiences everywhere. Better known to those of us in the know as Kreskin, from the Canadian TV programme, “The Amazing World of Kreskin”, this is when I realised that all I really wanted to do was hypnotise people, play lots of magic tricks and learn to juggle balls just like they did in the circus……most disappointing…..

…unfortunately, even with my beloved uncle’s bonkers influence, none of this came to fruition……and, as sad as I was training to become a chartered accountant (yes, I know, with my limited numeracy skills, I can’t believe it either!!), it wasn’t until some 30 years later, when I discovered the power of psychodynamics and psychotherapy, that I finally started to use my imagination the way nature had intended all those years ago. Proof positive that it’s never too late to be, do or have whatever it is you want – eventually, it all comes good, and it requires, not masses of effort, but simply masses of love for whatever it is you choose to do with your life.

At one time, it felt strange being different from my colleagues, my imagination running riot with many a crazy, almost magical, idea I’d put to my bosses, but what I soon began to find was that what had started out as a kid being inspired by someone on the telly, was actually an intuitive pull that should never have been ignored, and the one thing I always tune in to now when looking for guidance. Your own internal sat-nav is the ONLY voice to listen to – pay attention to it, trust it, and what was meant to be, WILL be. 30 years late, it probably makes me the world’s latest developer, but hey, who cares? I can attribute all my idiosyncratic ways, not to my recent career or to Derren Brown, as I had always thought, but to the hypnotic Mr. Kreskin (who is 80 next year, by the way) and to my childhood dreams of performing magic! Depends on your definition, but magic it is!

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