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Will the real YOU please stand up…

In my work, I have seen the way negative self-beliefs create blocks to our free flowing energy. When this happens, people become out of balance because mind, body, spirit and emotions are no longer operating in harmony, all of which lead to pained lives of anxiety and low self-esteem.

When we change our negative beliefs about ourselves, we change the quality of our lives and this change has a domino effect: as we learn ways to increase our own self-esteem, we become more confident and we also enhance the lives of others.

The real you is naturally high in self-esteem. You are not a victim of circumstance. You have taken control of your life and you know how to respond creatively in any situation. What happens to you is not as important as how you react to what happens. As you learn to love and respect yourself, your whole life changes. When you are able to validate yourself, you become free to give emotional support to others.

The world has an abundance of resources and everything we need to live rich and meaningful lives is already available to us. If we all took this stance and showed mutual love and respect, something that exists in infinite measure, how easily we would find what we need. The way we treat the earth’s resources and its inhabitants is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves. The day we all learn to love and value ourselves will not bring about just our own personal reinvention, but an almighty global transformation!

Let the real YOU stand up and be counted with all the other real people of the world. No more facades dictating your existence. Change yourself to be the best you can be and then you can really embark on changing the world…if you want to!

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