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Embrace all your emotions!

Wanting to be happy all the time is a very natural desire, but not altogether realistic. Simply due to the fact that life is so good at throwing us the odd curved ball every now and then, we know full well that many other emotions are at play.

We have seven basic emotions – joy, anger, sadness, fear, surprise, contempt and disgust – and these magnificent 7 are all still around, having been responsible for our survival through several million years of evolution. They are an integral part of what makes us human. It’s troubling, then, that so many of us are doing so much to avoid them.

We use auto-pilot behaviours in an attempt to deflect or disguise them; or we settle into them, refusing to let them go; or we attempt to ignore them completely through cynicism, flippancy, irony or gallows humour, refusing to admit that anything in life needs to be taken seriously.

Whatever we think we may be accomplishing using these strategies, in the long run they don’t serve our health or happiness in the least. When we don’t go directly to the source of what’s causing our feelings, we miss the ability to deal with what’s actually causing our distress, thereby losing our ability to connect and engage fully with the world and those around us. Instead of pushing these negative emotions aside, we need to accept them as useful to our personal growth, whilst also being a sometimes uncomfortable part of our everyday lives.

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