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Self-talk for critical thinkers

Struggling to quieten down that inner critic?

Let’s start re-framing some of our most damaging self-talk so that we create some new, more empowering neural pathways, instead of relying on the default positon of those old habits!


  • Everybody is doing their best, including me. (instead of: people are so stupid)


  • I appreciate my amazing body. (instead of: I’d do it if I weren’t so fat)


  • I love how people express themselves with what they wear. (instead of: those are the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen)


  • I let go of needing to criticise others. (instead of: they’ll never be able to finish that on time)


  • I become more capable and proficient every day. (instead of: I’m such a complete waste of space)



  • I express my anger healthily in appropriate places and ways. (instead of: if I get angry, I’ll lose control)


  • All of my emotions are perfectly acceptable. (instead of: I shouldn’t be feeling this way)



  • Anger is normal and natural. (instead of: anger is bad)


  • I comfort my little kid, and we are safe. (instead of: when someone is angry, I get scared)



  • I am safe with all of my emotions. (instead of: it’s not safe to be angry)


  • The more honest I am, the more I am loved. (instead of: I won’t be loved if I get mad)


  • I allow myself freedom to feel all my emotions. (instead of: I must stuff my feelings down)


  • Healthy expression of anger keeps me healthy. (instead of: I never get angry)



  • I let go of the need to be disturbed. (instead of: my neighbours are so noisy)


  • My opinions are valued. (instead of: nobody asks me what I think)

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