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Good vibrations!

shutterstock_511330009In this exciting, magnificent and truly remarkable electro-magnetic Universe of ours, everything found in, on, under, above and around us has its own vibrational frequency – everything, quite literally, is all about energy!

Anything that is matter has energy vibrations. However, when we talk about energy, people say things like, “I ran out of energy before I got there”, or it’s in relation to a fuel crisis, in terms of oil, petrol or gas. Whilst these are definite sources of energy, they are not the vibrational energy scientists talk about in the true sense of the word, energy.

Real energy is an unknown force. It is used by each and every one of us, during every day of our existence, yet we still don’t know what it really is. We can’t see it, smell it, taste it, hear it or hold it in our hands, yet we know it exists. We experience manifestations of it in many ways, such as in light, water and in the power of electricity, but how do we explain it?

Energy is a life force that exists in the rocks, trees, plants, soil and flowers in your garden. Even the rugs, carpets and floors in your house, as inanimate as they may be, have an energy. So does the sofa, the kitchen table and all the windows you may so readily take for granted on a daily basis.

The food you eat, the clothes you wear, your hair, nails, skin, glands, your organs, all possess an energy, and they all operate at various frequencies. Everything about you is energy. Most importantly, and please take in this scientifically proven fact, this also applies to your thoughts and feelings! The latter really do constitute matter!!….and according to the laws of physics, matter is indestructible – it can be altered, yes, but never destroyed!

Energy vibrations move in pulses, like waves, and how close together they are, determines the frequency by which they travel. This range of frequencies is called the electro-magnetic spectrum, if you can remember your basic Physics from school. What we see, hear, feel and experience materially is but a tiny part of the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. Beyond this range lie things such as the high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear, but we cannot, together with various forms of light that some creatures may be blinded by, but are perfectly safe for us. It is here that the frequency rates of gravity, magnetism and the ephemeral beauty of thought itself, lie!!

I know how my love for science fiction, and the desire for an alien invasion to sort this desperate world out, can take a hold of at times, but this is science fact, folks, make no mistake!

All elements of the earth have different energies. The closer the vibrations, the higher the frequency. Put another way, the more positive the energy of any given matter, the closer the frequencies and thus the closer it is to its source. Likewise, the broader the frequencies, the further that energy is from its source, and therefore likely to be less useful or negative in nature.

What you think and feel are therefore things coming from a real energy source. When you’re feeling great, you’re operating at a high frequency and consequently you’ll find yourself attracting more fabulous things into your life. Conversely, when you’re down or not feeling so well, you’ll be working at a lower frequency and potentially attracting even more negativity. Ever feel as though you’re in a spiral? They say bad things come in threes, well, they also come in fours, fives and even 20s!….but this applies to all the good things, too!

So, the moral of the story? Be careful what you think about and recognise the power that lies in your feelings. Whatever you have in your life is open to change. Tune into the vibrations you want to experience and work with those forces, not against them, and start to believe in the magic of what’s possible!

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