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The Body’s Intuition

The human body is an amazing machine, and as a machine, it needs regular maintenance and care to run it efficiently. There are a number of reasons why our bodies can break down and become sick: our genetic make-up, the environment, our diet etc., but, as we know, every illness suffered is also greatly affected by the impact of the emotional factors in our lives.

Research has shown that fear, anger, sadness, love and joy have specific effects on the body. We know that anger makes muscles clamp down and blood vessels constrict, leading to hypertension and resistance to blood flow. Cardiac medicine tells us that joy and love tend to have the opposite effect. A heart attack, for instance, can also be described as our heart “being hardened” by life or perhaps the joy “being squeezed out” of our lives.

Specific thought patterns affect our bodies in predictable ways, releasing certain chemicals in response to each emotion. When fear is the dominant mood over a long period of time, the constant release of stress hormones, specifically cortisol, triggers a domino effect of chemicals that lead to heart disease, weight gain and depression. As with fear, other emotions and thoughts follow a typical pattern as they are projected onto the body in the form of illness.

Whilst emotions are simply chemicals travelling throughout the body, they are bound to affect our organs in different ways depending on what is happening in our lives. Often, if we are not consciously aware of the various emotional situations in our lives or in that of a loved one, this information can come to us intuitively, through our five senses, all of which are the key to evoking our true feelings in terms of what we see, hear, smell, taste and sense in our bodies.

In addition to the commonly understood intuitive insight that guides us when, for example, we have a “sense of dread” just before the phone rings, we may also get that “bad taste” or “smell something funny” just before signing a business deal, or experience a “gut feeling” in a quiet street or receive that “heartache” warning you of a problem that you could be facing in your relationship – all these feelings are just as real and the body’s way of talking to us, telling us that something is out of balance in our lives, even when this knowledge is completely unclear to the conscious mind.

If we are to fully heal, we must bring our attention to the messages our bodies relay to us through our intuition. We do, indeed, also require the science behind the potential mystique to fully understand which imbalances in our lifestyle are affecting our health. It is with this balance of our emotions and intuition, together with logic and fact that will bring about true healing.

“Listen to your body, open your heart, make the most of your mind and free your spirit”

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