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Your Unique Voice…

Working on the launch of a new project with a client, we are incorporating elements of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits as part of the programme. Whilst these habits are essential to move us from mediocrity to greatness, it’s the 8th habit that’s always fascinated me the most. Finding your unique voice means fulfilling your innate potential. The greatest gift you received at birth was the ability to decide whether to develop your fullest capacities. You have choice between every action and reaction, to reflect and consider what has happened and to then determine your response. The ability to understand your free power of choice opens the door to four vital intelligences or capabilities:

Mind Intelligence is important, but if you stop your evaluation at the IQ level, you restrict any creation of a true vision for the future…….it is the power of our imagination that gives us endless possibilities.
Body Physical wellbeing is crucial, but without the discipline to turn your vision into a reality, you remain a mere shell……..a six-pack is nothing if we cannot commit to channelling the energy we possess.
Heart Passion is the flame that sustains the discipline we need to achieve any vision…..great things are never accomplished without burning desire, killer determination and focused attention. Using our emotions intelligently means we work with others, always showing compassion, creativity and courage.
Spirit Conscience is our moral compass, guiding us to do the right thing in all that we do…..our drive for meaning and purpose helps develop our true identity – only then have we earned the right to say we have fulfilled our innate potential and can be deemed a true winner!

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