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August - Young and Old

This month’s consideration: Young and Old
As children, it seemed as though the summer holidays would last forever. Nowadays, they’re no sooner here, then we’re already seeing the kids back to school in the autumn, with the long summer evenings all over in a flash! If you’re only supposed to be as old as you feel, then exactly how old are you right now? A youthful outlook can certainly keep you plugged in to modern culture but, remember, maturity also has its rewards: broader interests and greater wisdom, with more to share, perhaps? Why not cultivate both perspectives for a more balanced take on life? You may feel it’s important to ignore advice from others who tell you to act your age, but please don’t risk injury by straining to do or be something that is quite obviously way beyond your reach! The days of leap-frogging in the park may be over, but there are plenty of other ways to still have some fun!

This month’s Affirmation
“I’m as vital and as vibrant as I choose to be. I choose to be young in spirit and wise in heart.”

This month’s Practice: Letting Go of Illusions
We’ve all seen older men and women desperately attempting to cling on to their youth, done up as teenagers, and also dowdy teenagers dressing down by conforming to cultural expectations: wouldn’t you be more comfortable by simply accepting who and what you are and then going with that, rather than pushing yourself to extremes? Step up to a full-length mirror and take a really good look. Does your self-image conform to reality, or is there a need for some serious attitude re-adjustment? Have an imaginary consultation with style guru, Gok Wan, and look for the best in yourself as you see yourself right now. Don’t assume you need anything at all in order to feel more vibrant and alive, be it a new wardrobe, or even cosmetic surgery – neither of these will ever begin to change how you feel unless you start to think differently about yourself.

This month’s Project: Reset the Clock
Of course, the clock is ticking, but that isn’t all bad, you know. If you’re age-averse, then try volunteering with Age UK. You’ll come to appreciate what it is that older people can offer: sage advice, a sense of history and an awareness that petty worries really don’t mean that much over time. If kids make you nervous, then spend an hour or two with friends who have young families or go and visit a youth centre. Youngsters have an amazingly refreshing and honest way of saying it as it is, so reminding us of the power of authenticity and how to be truthful……especially to ourselves.

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