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July – the time to travel, both near and far

This month’s consideration: Home and Away
Home is where the heart is and travel broadens our horizons. Without one, we can’t really appreciate the other. Venture beyond your home ground and visit faraway places and different cultures – even if only through books and the internet – to put your little patch of the world in perspective. If, however, you have stamps from the entire world in your passport, unpack your bags and tour your neighbourhood for a change.

This month’s Affirmation
“Firm roots at home and in family give me the confidence to roam the world. I travel to see and appreciate my life in a different light”

This month’s Practice: Taking a 360 degree View
At times we need to see the world close up, and at other times it’s better to pull back for a wider view. Meditation can open your focus. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and concentrate on the movement of your breath. When your mind is calm and steady, relax your attention. Allow thoughts to rise up and then pass away, without following them or clinging to them. See them as clouds floating through a summer sky.

This month’s Project: Bring it Home
Travel, whether to other countries or simply around our home town, gives us a fresh perspective. Expect interesting things to happen and they most certainly will. What remarkable souvenirs can you collect during a short walk around the block? While further afield, a newly found object, even an unusual pebble, can trigger more memories than any touristy t-shirt or snow globe ever could. Look for a deeper story or meaning as you travel your surroundings.

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