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Being alone without being lonely…

How much time are you comfortable spending by yourself? A day? A week? A month? If even a few hours seem too much for you, read on below:

Looking too far ahead can be daunting – as Dale Carnegie himself said, to help alleviate the stress and worry of everyday life, do your best to live in “day-tight compartments”, i.e. take it one day at a time! Think small and celebrate even the tiniest of achievements – go to a coffee shop on your own or find a minute to talk to someone at work rather being fixated on completing everything on your list!

Don’t let your thoughts go unchecked – it’s easy to let a negative emotion dictate your entire mood, so ask yourself what could have triggered the feeling you’re experiencing, consider whether it’s justified and then, as Paul McGee, of SUMO fame says, just “Shut Up & Move On”!

Practise good mental hygiene – as a stickler for a clean and tidy house and home, I also take a few minutes every morning for a little psychological housework! Are there worries or doubts lurking or niggling you? Confront them with a daily mental workout: deal with them by accepting only that which exists within your sphere of influence and then get on with the rest of your day.

Remember, loneliness is not a human failing – we are social creatures, hard-wired to be with others, so it’s natural to feel unhappy when this appears to be at risk. Don’t be ashamed to admit it and work on improving the relationship you have with yourself to make the going easier. In the meantime, embrace and enjoy the solitude!


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