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Coaching for Life

I find myself being asked a lot these days for advice on how to go about securing suitable training or qualifications towards becoming a life coach. As I make a point of not “doing” advice, my response is simply this: go out, follow your heart and live your life!

If it turns out that your work enables you to coach yourself into creating a career you love, then you’ll find you will have earned the right to become a life coach by earning those stripes through your own personal growth and on-going professional development.

However, if you still really want me to give you more of a steer, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If you could create the ideal job for yourself and there were no limits and you could not possibly fail, what would it look like?
  1. What would you have to believe differently in order to create this role?
  1. Where could you find a mentor to support you and champion you to become the best you could be?
  1. What’s stopping you from doing this right now? Look at what’s really holding you back, not just symptomatically, but at the genuine root cause, then find a way to tackle those barriers.
  1. What could you start doing differently within the next month to raise your profile or showcase your talents?

If after all that, you’re still with me, then keep on going, and I’ll look forward to our paths crossing sometime in the very near future! Warmest wishes for a life well blessed!

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