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7 Steps to Success

1. Know What You Want
My first tip may on the surface sound really simple and quite obvious. When the layers are gently peeled back, the surprising revelation is that many people have no clear and focused vision or intellectualisation of what they specifically want from their future. In the absence of a clear destination, the journey becomes very hap-hazard, with a path that takes a very indirect route, visiting many other destinations, many of which are incongruent and undesirable.

We are all fortune-tellers! To create your future, you must first know exactly what it looks, sounds and feels like in your model of the world. My top tip is to imagine your perfect future and write it down. A representation of the future which is in your head is still a dream, commit it to paper and make it real. The story of your future should be as specific and detailed as you can possibly make it. Let the words fall from your pen as you associate yourself into the images, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes of the future you congruently desire. Describe everything that is important, omit nothing and enjoy the experience.

2. Assume Responsibility
To realise the story of your future, it is crucial that you assume full responsibility for it. Only you can make your journey to your future desired destination. Your journey is unique to you and everyone’s perception of that journey is different. Taking responsibility means forgetting about all of the reasons and excuses that unsuccessful people use with devastating regularity. If you attribute not having what you want to the actions or inactions of other people and environmental circumstances, then you give away all of your control and personal power to everything that isn’t you.

Embrace your incredible personal power by taking complete and uncompromising responsibility for everything that is in your past, present and future. Only you can do this because only you have experienced your life. No more reasons and excuses, only control and personal power to manifest your desired future.

3. Shape Your Thinking
Assume control of your psychological processing by harnessing the incredible and limitless power of your unconscious mind. Our imagination gives us a unique technology to control and usefully engage our psychology, our emotional experience and our outward behaviour. The key realisation here is that the emotional content of our internal representations is a matter of choice. By recognising the content of our ‘self-talk’ and the representations that it conjures, we can exert powerful control over our emotional state. Simply put, we can choose to be confident, happy, excited, motivated, or not. Once the channels of communication with the unconscious mind are open, we can quickly and easily create resourceful states whenever we require them.

4. Check Your Beliefs

Our beliefs are not true, they are simply constructs around which we organise our behaviour. In this way, what we believe, whether empowering or limiting, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To bring the story of your future to reality, the belief in the certainty of that future must be absolute. Your full and unquestioning belief that you can have the future you desire is essential to manifesting your reality in the shape of your desires. When you completely believe something to be true, you will unconsciously organise your behaviour accordingly. The converse is also true. So, read your story of the future and ensure that you fully believe that you can create it. It’s really important that you remove any limiting beliefs quickly to avoid diversion from the path to your success.

5. Expect to be Challenged

Life happens: of course it does and no matter what universal secrets we think we know, challenges will be presented to us during the journey to our success. It’s helpful to think of these challenges as reality checks, provided by the universe, to remind us how much we want our designed future. If the desire to create your future is weak, then any challenge will probably stop you in your tracks, instilling inertia in your life, or you may be deflected onto another, less desirable path. When our desire and resilience are both strong and our beliefs indelibly held within our unconscious mind, we easily navigate around, over, under or smash through the obstacles which appear in our path. There is always another way to reach your destination and your determination will help you to find it.

Your radar should also be switched on to pick up challenges and diversions presented by the people around you. If the path of someone close to you is different to your own and their desire to succeed is stronger, then you may be inadvertently pulled onto their path and away from your own. In the long term, this will create incongruence within the relationship and ultimately, resentment. If the people around you do not respect your desired future, then perhaps they are the wrong people with whom to surround yourself?

6. Focus on What You Want

What you focus on is what you get. Energy flows where attention goes, so if you find yourself consistently focusing on what you don’t want to happen, that’s where your energy will be focused. When you focus energy properly, it projects out from you like the light from a bulb which is then reflected back by the world around you. Whatever you project out is what will be reflected back to you. Focusing on what you want with absolute clarity means that what you want will be returned to you with astonishing reliability.

7. Take Action

My final and possibly my most important tip is that to reach your desired future, it is imperative that you take action. Doing nothing will create just that, nothing. Take action every day that moves you one more step closer to your desired future. No matter how small, every action will create a positive re-action and events will begin to unfold: the future you desire begins to take form, so enjoy it! It’s your control, your belief, your focus and all within your personal power.

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