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The problem with goals…

My work is focused on supporting people become the best they can be – for them to feel empowered enough to make better choices in their lives, and so enjoy the present in a way that means their future is most definitely on track.

Many of my clients attribute the achievement of goals to being their main and sometimes their only measure of success; yet even on attaining these goals, they still feel no different at best, or at worst, even more unhappy. By shifting our attention from constantly setting goals to simply working on projects, we discover a much more meaningful and mindful existence where we enjoy success today, in the present, as opposed to wishing or hanging on for it in the future.

With goals, we are always striving towards something; with projects, we are actually working on it. With goals, we focus only on the result; with projects we focus on the actions being taken now. With goals, we see and experience failure until we secure the result; with projects, we see ourselves as consistently successful until we encounter a glitch.

How easy it is then, to simply live in the present, enjoying success right now by focusing on a string of tangible projects, instead of tripping ourselves up in a futile attempt to grasp at an intangible future? The future of our dreams will never be sorted unless we concentrate on sorting the present! Enjoy today for what is it and who knows what tomorrow may bring??

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