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The Do’s & Dont's of Delegation


  • Explain what has to be done – be specific, thorough and clear
  • Explain the exact results you require
  • Explain who the person should speak to and how they can help
  • State how often you require progress reports
  • Check the understanding of the person to whom you have delegated
  • Say you will be available for guidance if necessary, then BE available
  • Distribute the work you wish to delegate amongst a variety of people
  • Make the person’s authority clear to all those who need to know
  • Delegate gradually
  • Delegate some of thinking and decision-making as well as the delivery
  • Be prepared for the end result to be different from what you had expected
  • Stand by the person’s decisions and accept responsibility for them
  • Encourage people to think through their own problems – turn their questions back and ask for their solutions
  • Share details of what you have delegated with others in the team who are likely to be affected
  • Use delegation as a development opportunity, as a deputising tool and for succession planning


  • delegate the same job to separate people
  • interfere – allow the person to get on with the job
  • jump on mistakes – use them as a learning vehicle for future coaching
  • delegate managerial tasks that relate to the work unit as a whole, e.g. strategic planning, morale issues, inter-departmental differences
  • rush the briefing process or the person
  • delegate tasks which are your specific responsibilities, e.g. staff development, performance reviews, setting departmental objectives or any confidential matters
  • overload one person because you feel they are more capable
  • make yourself unavailable or lose interest in the task

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