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Cosmic and Grounding Energy as a Healing Force this Christmas

Have you considered yourself, not simply as a human being but, as a truly powerful ball of energy? An energy that is not just the physical kind we use to get through each and every day, but much, much more than that? Apart from having our own internal energy, we are also giving out and receiving different types of energy all the time. Some energies are helpful and encouraging, while others can really make us quite unwell.

The simplest way to understand human energy is to compare it to an experience you have already had – think of when someone gives you a loving smile and the effect this has on you. This is a real exchange of energy that you can actually feel at a physical level. There is also the less enjoyable experience of being in someone’s company for a while and ending up feeling totally drained and exhausted. This, too, is an exchange of energy – this person is literally tapping into your field and drawing your energy into themselves, a bit like the Dementors in the Harry Potter stories, sucking the very soul out of everyone they ‘kiss’.

As humans we don’t just react with other humans, we also exchange energies with animals, plants and endless forms of other types of energy and life. Take, for example, when you may have been working hard for a prolonged number of weeks or months and realise that you need a break from it all. What do you choose to do? Usually to go away somewhere by the sea or to lie in the sun, to take a walk in the woods or enjoy some beautiful change of scenery, whether mountainous or flat. The expression ‘recharge my batteries’ really does fit the bill – to replace the energy field depleted from over-use.

Different places have extraordinarily different atmospheres and energies, all of which can be felt, and people respond better to certain areas than others. Some people find a wild, raging sea invigorating and energising, while others may find this frightening and would simply shut down. Some people love to climb hills or go skiing, others may find these unfriendly or threatening. You might choose a gentle stroll while your friend wants to stand under a gushing waterfall!

The reason we all like different things is because we are unconsciously responding, deep down, to what we each know we need. Just as humans have different energies, geographical locations and physical features have different energies too. What other explanation is there for certain places providing a sense of peace or tranquillity, while others fill us with dread and doom?

Two major tools exist and are available to us whenever we find our energy fields blocked leading to a sense of internal imbalance. Grounding energy is useful if we find ourselves going about with our heads in the clouds, not really focusing on the here and now or appreciating what we have around us. You can literally feel disconnected from the planet after a period of time. Drawing this grounding energy by tapping into Mother Nature’s gifts allows us to reconnect with the Earth. Go for a walk in the park, watch the birds fly and imagine you’re one of them. Sit and watch the snow fall, observe a body of water, the sea, a stream, a lake, and notice what thoughts and emotions crop up for you. When we work with grounding energy, we literally draw it up from the ground, which is where all the energies of our planet are stored.

The second form of energy we can tap into is cosmic energy. Unlike grounding energy, which is Earth-related, cosmic energy deals with a very different realm – so different, in fact, that some people struggle with the entire concept. This energy comes from above and around – infinite in its supply and complete in its structure, a pure, undiluted, perfect energy, bearing no relation to earthly matters. Call it divine and heavenly, or celestial as opposed to terrestrial.

Cosmic energy can mean different things to different people – some call it religion, some call it love in its purest sense: a power so strong that it emanates from the Universe alone. Whatever name you choose to give it, its strength remains ever-constant and infinite in supply. Creating your own name for it can help embed your relationship with this cosmic energy. If you’re still uncertain about your beliefs about the cosmos, you may find it helpful to know that science has done much to prove this energy’s power, regardless of nomenclature.

…….and talking of the latter, energy has different names all around the world: the Chinese call it ch’i; in India it is called prana; we also know it as bioplasma or yin & yang. The names are not important; what is important, however, is that these energies have been accepted, studied and respected for a very long time.

As far as cosmic energy is concerned, you may want to take some quiet time to reflect upon your beliefs about the Universe and our reasons for being here on Earth…do you believe there is an almighty power, some force guiding and protecting us? How do you see, use and tap into this force? Do you believe humans are all part of that force? And what else is out there in our immeasurably huge Universe?

My life-long dream to visit Kennedy Space Centre came true last year and, as I watched the footage filmed from the Hubble Space Station, it totally blew my mind……do you know that recent research findings show there may be as many as 125 billion galaxies in our universe?!?! Hard to take in such magnitude. The Earth is in the galaxy of the Milky Way which comprises approximately 100 billion stars – our universe may therefore contain well over 10,000 billion, billion stars! Fantastic, amazing, spectacular, awesome, are words that simply do not do it justice – no wonder Professor Brian Cox decided to move from the role of rock star to stargazer!

Infinity is simply something that no-one is able to understand – I don’t believe we humans are supposed to…..not yet anyway……as a species, based on our disgracefully disappointing track record, we are nowhere near worthy or deserving of a gift that bestows such power or knowledge – we are not ready to be allowed anywhere near the truth, given our global behaviour as the human race…..not for many an eon, I’m afraid. We can, however, aspire and hope that one day we will see hatred being replaced with love and that the latter become such an integral part of how we live our lives that we see it interwoven everywhere, determining everything from the details of our child’s school curriculum to the delivery of world economic policy! Now, what a world that would be!

So, when things get tough, as well as communing with nature to ground yourself this Christmas, notice what happens to your energy levels when you achieve inspired thinking as a result of seeking answers from something bigger and more powerful than yourself. Think about the word, Universe, and break it into two words: ‘uni’ & ‘verse’, and you’ll find that it means ‘one’ & ‘song’. We are all meant to be here……together as one, tapping into the Universe’s energy for sustenance, always singing the same song, the one song, together……..and that means for life, not just for Christmas.

Let’s all strive for a better, more loving future and ask the Universe for guidance and support in every area of our lives as we safely see one year out and peacefully see another one in. Here’s to health, happiness, wealth and wisdom to every one of us living on this beautiful planet, this special holiday season.


From all at Inspirational Winners to all life, both near and far:
“Season’s Greetings and may we all Live Long and Prosper”

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