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Normal Healing

Firstly, I can tell you that whatever you’re going through right now is quite normal…….and secondly, just to confirm, there is actually no such thing as normal…….

You are not alone and you are not being singled out by the cosmos as one who is meant to suffer.

Everyone goes through times of intense difficulties. These difficulties can be illness, divorce, job loss, miscarriage, heartbreak, ego-shattering failure, assault, physical trauma, betrayal, financial hardship, difficult children and whatever else you care to add to the list.

Perhaps you can see yourself in some or even all of these categories? That’s ok and, dare I say, even normal…….although I do realise I’ve just said there is no such thing.

Life comes with it a vast array of surprises and the after-effects of these surprises are equally varied:

Emotional: depression, anxiety, fear, stress, anger, guilt, grief, shame, shaken self-esteem, feeling lost, overwhelmed.

Cognitive: poor concentration, shortened attention span, memory problems, difficulty making decisions, recurring/racing thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks.

Physical: muscle tremors, chest pains, difficulty breathing, headaches, high blood pressure.

Behavioural: social withdrawal, increased alcohol consumption, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, disruption of work habits, decreased libido.

Recognise that all these after-effects are perfectly normal reactions, and just as physical wounds heal at different rates in different people, so do emotional wounds. We all have different needs and, as a result, work at different speeds.

Don’t put added pressure on yourself expecting to hurry back to normal too soon. I’ll say it again: there is no such thing as normal. What is important is that you learn to be kind to yourself and nurture your wounds appropriately, instead of rushing them to heal so quickly that you batter and bruise yourself further in the process.



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