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2023…..just the beginning








Before anything new can happen, we need to get used to the phrase, “I am responsible” and to consider all its implications:


  1. Desire – the desire for something new – nothing is possible without this feeling.
  2. Commitment – any journey, no matter how long, starts with taking a single step.
  3. Belief – total belief that whatever it is we’re looking for is 100% possible.
  4. Declaration – listing, ideally on separate cards, all our desired attributes and achievements.
  5. Visualization – developing strong, mental pictures to reinforce the feeling of our desire.
  6. Know the subconscious – develop the habit of finding quiet moments in a quiet place.
  7. Ask questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question, so keep asking.
  8. Accept answers – witness, observe, notice what’s around you and listen without judgement.
  9. Act – take action on the ideas you receive, on your hunches and intuitive thoughts.


Practise these simple techniques to raise your self-awareness and build your self-esteem.

Then take this practice as just the beginning …..wishing you all a very happy new year!

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