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Relax - no guilt allowed!

Sometimes, we can feel out of control, driven relentlessly by an unending cycle of activity. When this happens, we may sense a desperate little child running from one room into the next, trying to find someone to hold them.

Yet whenever we want to slow down and take it easy, critical voices from our childhood lash out, “lazy, good-for-nothing, useless!” We tune in to this harshness, so allowing ourselves to be driven by these inner voices, still aiming to please an unseen audience from our past. 

Tonight, why not simply relax without feeling bad about it? Lie back in your most comfortable chair and enjoy your favourite music, or daydream in front of a cozy fire. Tomorrow, sit outside in the sun and do nothing, letting all your tensions evaporate. Begin to take each new day, one moment at a time, as a brand-new way of taking care of yourself.

We can, indeed, learn to relax without guilt……make it a priority and, with some dedicated practice, it may just change your life….

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