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You have to feel it to heal it...

If, like many people, you are avoiding your pain and grief as a means of coping, remind yourself:

  • Fear of pain is often worse than the pain itself. When pain starts to seep through to your consciousness, let it come. Don’t fight the tears back, if possible, give yourself specific times to grieve. By the way, crying has been shown to work better than a facial for removing toxins and achieving clearer, younger, glowing skin!
  • Feeling pain could be so scary that you may be tempted to seek comfort by numbing yourself with alcohol, sleeping pills or other addictive substances. Be strong. Resist and persist in allowing true pain to surface.
  • We are all unfinished bits of work-in-progress. Like so many of life’s challenges, experiencing and overcoming pain can reveal tremendous emotional depths and perspectives, the likes of which you had no idea you were capable of….

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