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Full Moon


The Full Moon marks the climax of the lunar cycle …..and we have another one tonight, folks…..yes, indeed – another opportunity to surrender to the Divine!

Life events reaching a conclusion or a turning point, all coming to a head – that is what the Full Moon is all about. There may be some kind of change or transition taking place, even an emotional explosion, so remember to tune in to your feelings at this time and see what they are telling you.

This could be make or break for an important life decision. There could even be a sense of madness in the air! Howling wolves and all that, so breathe deeply and do your best to stay calm.

This is certainly a time for reaping the rewards of all your hard work and a very important time for forgiveness and gratitude.

…..and talking of gratitude, how about giving those muscles a bit of a workout?

  1. List all the negative situations in your life……now, bin it – better still, burn it!
  2. List all the good situations in your life, so that you don’t take them for granted.
  3. Be grateful, all day (this one isn’t so easy, but give it a go, anyway) for everything you look at, no matter how small – these things are all here with you right now. Being thankful for the small things in our lives enlarges and cleanses the heart chakra, the energy centre of unconditional love.
  4. Go on a Gratitude Diet – for the next ten days, as soon as you wake up, think of ten things that you’re grateful for. The simplest of things such as the sun shining, clean, running water coming out of the tap and the fridge working, to the most important, such as the love you have for your children or your dearest friend.

Together with being grateful, having the willingness to forgive is the Full Moon’s guidance during this phase – what is falling away for me at this time and what do I need to release in order to move on?

The energy of the Moon has a formidable effect on our everyday lives. Never underestimate its power. Ruled by the element of water, no wonder it impacts the tides and affects our monthly moods!

Tapping into its wisdom for healing, guidance and protection is not some weird or wacky New Age thing – it’s the absolute and complete opposite! Join me as we experience the magical energy of this ancient wisdom during each lunation – truly, something awesome!

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