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MAY: your Month to make Magic!

As I pour love & blessings onto Inaaya, my youngest niece, who is 1 today, I think of how her arrival last year, on 4th May, may have her turn into a devoted Star Wars fan! ……..and not a Trekkie!!

A mistaken notion on my part? Not at all! There are no such things as mistakes and, anyway, I love Yoda, just as much as I do, Mr. Spock! Mistakes are simply things that didn’t quite work out the way you wanted …. leading me to consider how much I love the letter, M: James Bond, eat your heart out!

With words and expressions such as mouth-watering, moon-landing, mission, magnificent, merry-making, magnetic, marvellous, method in my madness, mercurial, mayhem, momentum, music, mojo, mother, money, mirror, mind, magician, miracle, majestic and many more, all springing to mind, who doesn’t love the letter, M!?!

When it comes to my passion of life-long learning, mistakes simply require correction, not punishment ….. and in this wonderful world where things keep changing, almost at the speed of light, mistakes are inevitable and must be welcomed, if we’re to bounce back immediately to get on with the job in hand.

How many of you, though, give yourselves an utterly horrendous time when you think you’ve “got it wrong”? Re-Cognise this! There is no wrong! Just an outcome you didn’t like! Which is absolutely fine, because it means you get to have another go at making it better next time! Simples! …. but, maybe, not quite so easy, eh?

Let’s take a look at the four, prima facie, “mistakes” you might be making:

  1. Focusing on too many goals? While it might feel as though you’re putting lots of energy into your entire wheel of life, I’m afraid attempting too many things at once will not give you significant results in any!
  2. Setting goals from a place of logic? Thinking “I keep getting bills, so I need to make more money”, shows you are not emotionally invested in the outcome. Even with the best “make it happen” mojo in the world, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen!
  3. Setting your goals from a place of fear? Pushing for stuff out of panic is the worst thing you can do. Coming from a place of scarcity or lack shows a complete disconnect from your creative power, showing a total disregard for your ability to magnetize and create in a field of energetic flow!
  4. As a last-ditch attempt, in desperation you declare: “If it’s meant to be, then it will happen to me”. This kind of pseudo-surrender is not partnering or co-creating with the universe at all, but, rather, this is a form of passivity and disempowering of the self. Ultimately leading to depression, resignation and a feeling of being unsupported, even betrayed, by a higher power, this is not good!

Through research, personal experience and working with clients, it’s clear that none of the above approaches have worked for the things our more enlightened people of the world are yearning to create. If YOU, also, are yearning to create something that’s totally unique to you, then you’ve come to the right place!

…….. the place where the letters Q & P rule the joint! …. in the form of Quantum Physics!!

Oh, yes! Creating your heart’s desire can only come from a super-human place of consciousness…and discovering this shift is the KEY to enabling you to activate your hidden magnetic power potential.

Happy 1st birthday, Inaaya, & May the 4th, the one TRUE, MAGICAL FORCE, be with you!!

Welcome to Super-Hero School! We look forward to welcoming you ALL.

Enrolment for this year’s Academy for Gifted Individuals begins NOW.

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