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Your Remarkable Reinvention!

Life on Earth is most definitely a team game (not just a great David Attenborough TV show) … and, as with any game, whilst it may be advantageous working for adidas, with access to all things Olympian, this is, of course, not mandatory. It is absolutely essential, however, to learn the rules of any game, in order to play it well.

Imagine a football match being a free-for-all, with everyone doing their own thing! Mmmh? Ok, maybe not such a great example, as footie seems to be a complete free-for-all to me most of the time! Anyway, the point I’m attempting to make here is, it’s not rocket science when I say that in order to experience the WOW of an amazing life, we need to be deploying the various disciplines of a well-oiled machine for this to happen.

For many hundreds of years now, humans have been playing the game of life like a rabble of retards!!! Sorry, to those of you who may be of a sensitive PC nature or disposition …..but, seriously folks, I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would agree with me. I, for one, have had enough of the pussyfooting around we’ve seen these last 12 months, with people plagued with their ponderings about passion and purpose. Time to get a grip! Surely, NOW, we are ready for some serious action?

No question, we are in unchartered territory, with most of us screaming for a tougher outer layer of skin. So, for those of you who can’t stand the heat, best you exit this kitchen, right now! No time or room for shirkers, only for those of you truly committed to your reinvention, let’s get straight down to business!

Now, that may sound quite harsh, in fact one could even say, judgemental. Actually, there is no judgement here at all, I’m simply saying it as it is. Stay or go, that’s it. It’s a simple matter of choice. If people take themselves too seriously, this is when they are critical and judgemental of themselves and others. When this happens, we find folk starting to unravel, feeling tense and out of control. Experiencing strange, new feelings, people may act in unexpected ways to justify their existence or to prove they have the upper hand…..all of this can lead to their lives soon becoming one big power struggle, with no-one winning and disharmony prevailing.

Nothing like Mother Nature works or ever intended! You see, it’s only with an esprit de corps, team spirit, common purpose and determined tribal-like force, that we get the best out of anything in life. By working together! Just look at how geese behave when they fly in formation: 70% further, and at a much faster speed than one goose could ever fly when flying alone! Now, that’s the power of unity!

Competition and conflict, which seems to be our current thinking and the way of the world right now, is not helping us anymore. It leads to a fundamental belief that there is never enough to go round, that we all have to kill each other in order to survive, with the philosophy of dog-eat-dog running the show! Why have we all bought into such an atrocious belief in the 21st century, when we know, deep down, this cannot be the truth??

If we really study, properly observe and notice how nature works, for all species to thrive we see nothing but harmonious collaboration operating in every eco-system on the planet. This willing co-operation leads to total synergy in all areas of life, as we know it! ….and this is the life that is totally and absolutely possible on planet Earth, for ALL of us, today!

So, how remarkable will you be this Ramadan? Are you simply biding your time, waiting to die, so you can at some point in the future, see Heaven?! Or do you believe you have a part to play, NOW, while you’re alive, constantly reinventing yourself to do what’s needed to make THE difference on our planet Earth?!

We are now ten days into the Holy Month, so how about that 28-day challenge I keep going on about? I dare you! Go on, prove what you’re really made of this Ramadan! The gauntlet has been thrown! Stand up ONLY for what you are FOR (not what you’re against)! Whatever you may have been taught, or even that which you think you believe, if these things do not bring peace of mind at an individual level, then how on earth do you expect us ever to find world peace?

As I dedicate this blog to my beautiful, little brother (who is 55 today!), I am so happy and grateful FOR his truly remarkable, ongoing reinvention! …. and I ask that you, too, stand up for what’s possible in this amazing world of ours and call for a United Earth…. where we are ALL gifted human beings, able to bring out the best in ourselves and each other!! Blessings, dear friends, this Holy Month – may we all live long & prosper!

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