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Your wheel of fortune paradigm shift!

My nephew, Amaan is 13 today, this Easter Monday, 2021. Many happy returns for a very Happy Birthday, you terrifically turned-out teenage ninja (mutant turtle??)!!!

.…and talking of ninja mutants, whilst I am certainly a fan of those pizzazz, perfect, pizza-loving heroes, the song that both Dion and Marty Wilde sang back in the day, “Why must I be a teenager in love?”, is a stark reminder that it’s not always easy, living the life of a potentially troubled teenager. With our hormones, and even other humans, getting the better of us, it can all feel too much at times! Oh, dear….

So, guess what? As a gift to my nephew, Amaan, I am here to tell him (and to all of you out there, by the way) that there is a totally different story available to us! Yes, really!! One that doesn’t keep us in a place of insignificance, helplessness or disempowerment, but one that enables us to reach for that final frontier to unleash all human potential!! Oh, yes!! I am so, so excited, I could crush a grape!?!

Blending both Ancient Wisdom and the remarkable discoveries of New Science, we have within our hands, as the bridging generation, an enormous potential and responsibility for being able to gift the next generation with the creation of an entirely new world! Talk about a genesis!

How? I hear you ask. Well, believe it or not, we humans are not here by chance, as old science would have us believe. We are not simply the result of a random act of evolution. Apparently, we are here by design and for a reason! DNA analysis has proven that some deliberate intent is behind our appearance in the world!… and don’t ask me who or what is behind it? Aliens? Divine intervention? Who cares! I just know that we are ALL simply and truly more powerful than we have ever been led to believe!!

Science is now entering forbidden territory, which is maybe why people are struggling to readily take all this on board. It would mean a complete PARADIGM SHIFT for HUMANKIND, so maybe this explains why it’s proving too much for some people right now? However, with the planet in its recent pandemic, I for one, can only see infinite possibilities, here….and I keep wishing I was Amaan’s age, all over again!!

Why? …..because this time around, I would know something completely DIFFERENT about the human race and, therefore, from being a kid, I would have chosen to BELIEVE that I can be LUCKY ALL THE TIME!!! Luck is not a random game of chance – it comes from taking actions, based on a firm set of beliefs that liberate and empower us. It’s about shifting into the realm of ‘anything & everything is possible’, when it comes to our health, wealth and entire wheel of life, especially in our darkest hours.

Instinctively, grabbing an opportunity the moment it strikes, with no room for hesitation or rumination, has always been the way. You need to be aware of what’s going on around you first, to then acknowledge that a whole series of circumstances will have been acted upon, in response to something much bigger, which in turn gives you access to your Wheel of Fortune! Nothing just happens and there are no accidents in life. There is, though, something called Cause & Effect ……

There are Universal Laws at work all the time and, yes, while we do indeed make our own luck in this world, NOW, at long last, we have the know-how to KNOW HOW more often! Unadulterated, inspired action!

So, once again, a very happy 13th birthday to you, Amaan. Have yourself a great ‘Mission Impossible’ Easter Egg Hunt, discovering all your hidden treasures! …and oh, Ethan Hunt: you eat your heart out!

Watch this SPACE for more info on how to become Human by Design.

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