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Being there for your loved ones……teach your little ones how to do it, too!

  • Listen to your friend, rather than being focused on solving their problems.
  • Empathise by honouring their feelings – all feelings are ok, so show respect by validating them.
  • Show compassion by saying you’re sorry that they’re finding things so difficult.
  • This may seem insignificant, but all these little things really do help.
  • Be honest, when you don’t know how to help – it’s ok not to have an answer, never mind all the answers.
  • Relationships can be messy – there may not be an immediate solution, so allow listening to be enough.
  • Get them to reclaim their own power – after listening, ask them what they think they would like to do.
  • Ask them about another time they were struggling – what did they do back then that might have helped?
  • Avoid telling them what to do and resist the temptation to give any advice, however small.
  • Get them to reach out to others – you may not be the best person to help in this situation and that’s ok.
  • Draw on as wide a support network as possible – phoning & messaging are fine if talking proves too much.
  • Don’t you go it alone, either – if you’re really concerned about your friend, tell a trusted confidant.
  • You won’t be breaking their confidence if you use your discretion, while seeking other people’s experiences.
  • Boundaries are important – if overwhelmed, take care of yourself by setting limits on your time together.
  • Set the example – by prioritising your own needs, you’re showing others that it’s ok to do the same, too.

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