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Post-pandemic possibilities

It’s hard to picture a future after this global crisis is over, but after months of what feels like a hopeless new normal, maybe there is a way to start feeling more hopeful again.

As a child, inspired by Star Trek, I so wanted to be an astronaut! ……to be one of the privileged few working on The USS Enterprise, loyal forever to Captain James T. Kirk, embarking on their 5-year mission, to boldly go where no man has gone before!

Aspiring to be an astronaut is still there, but there’s no way, after all these years, I’d ever be considered for any mission to Mars! This dream of a project, quite obviously, is currently on hold…. best laid plans and all that. However, with all this social isolation we’re experiencing, it must surely be the most superb practice for our youngsters in the future colonisation of said planet?? Every cloud, etc etc…..!!

It’s not always easy to stay positive in these difficult times and there’s no denying the reality of what we’re all going through. This pandemic has shown how truly meaningless our national borders are. I’ve always believed that we humans are all inhabitants of planet Earth, a United Earth, as we Star Trek followers would like to see. People have shown such resilience recently and forged bonds across geographical and political lines, I think we may actually already be heading there! They have sung, joked, laughed, cried and danced their way through every type of personal tragedy, not to mention risked their lives to care for others. Not only that, for the sake of humanity, we have even chosen to throw ourselves into isolated incarceration to protect our people……people, whom we will never even get to know! How amazing is that?

Maybe Star Trek is just a geeky bit of sci-fi to most people……for me, it was a childhood lifeline of hope. It still is, and to this day it shines like a beacon of light, guiding us, as a race, to always do the right thing. Perhaps the greatest gift this remarkable insight into our future gives us is one of acceptance and tolerance of all that’s unique about each and every one of us. A world where everyone is equal, where we care for the other and show our respect by welcoming all our differences.

This new reality is tough for all of us, but we’ve seen what we can do when we look for ways to help each other. Grant yourself permission to fully experience all your emotions – the good, the bad and the ugly. Give yourself space to grieve what you’ve lost and what you’re losing. Allow yourself time to process and come to grips with whatever you’re now facing…..and extend that same generosity to those around you……and once you’ve done that, do your best to look for things in your life that genuinely bring you hope and joy.

Whilst it’s unsettling to face the unknown, let’s take comfort in knowing we’re all in this together, even though we’re apart right now. A long road lies ahead of us, and even though it may be too late for me, I just know those kids are going to make it to Mars!! How? ….because we will have emerged on the other side, stronger and more unified.

Indeed, life itself is no longer as we knew it, but the opportunity for our youngsters to re-shape the world is what we must hang on to. Give them the steer and then share with them the vision of a truly united Earth, where we take responsibility for making it a better place for all who inhabit it.

As the full moon appears once again tonight, and I raise a glass in recognition and respect for this most heavenly of bodies, my howl into the night is one of being bold & dreaming big. Live long & prosper, my friends

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