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Mental Health Awareness Week

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the theme for MHA this week, 18th to 24th May 2020, is Kindness.

Kindness, together with patience, compassion, tolerance and acceptance – so many wise values that we need to be tapping into, right now, to help us to continue to get through these trying times.

As we see the holy month of Ramadan come to a close this weekend and a bank holiday Monday on the horizon, many of us will be doing our best to find a way to celebrate…somehow…..???

Whatever feelings we’re all feeling right now, we must find a way to navigate this unique, unchartered territory, whilst still honouring and validating any such new or strange sensations we may be experiencing…….

Be mindful as you pace yourself differently these days – notice what’s going on for you – our demons will be having a field day right now! The more aware you are of your internal compass, the easier you’ll find it to swap your negative emotions for the healthier options below:

  • Gentle concern (rather than hyper-anxiety)
  • Quiet sadness (rather than deep depression)
  • Regretful remorse (rather than all-consuming guilt)
  • Natural disappointment (rather than toxic shame)
  • Compassionate sorrow (rather than ego-wrenching hurt)
  • Channelled anger (rather than aggression)
  • Healthy motivation (rather than jealousy or envy)


World Mental Health Day is not until 10th October this year – seems like ages away, at the moment….and for those of us who love to plan ahead, there may also be a feeling of “what’s the point?” Right now, the next 24 hours are enough to focus on, never mind the next 24 days!

Hang in there, people!

Keep talking to each other and remember, please be kind.

In the absence of all things, material, how we are with each other is all that really matters.

Love and blessings to you all, xxx

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