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Confusing leadership style??








Up one day, down the next – your people know what you’re like, so they will just get on with it, won’t they, right? Wrong!

Developing a steady leadership persona is vital if you want your people to run a steady ship for you – it’s not rocket science.

Stay cool – your people need to know the difference between a mood swing and a major business issue! Do your best to stay on an even keel 90% of the time. This means when you’re down, they’ll know it’s something really serious and when you’re up, they’ll know it’s time for a huge celebration!

Walk the talk – the higher you climb the ladder, the more people are watching you – and the more easily you’ll be called out if your actions don’t match your words. Be a clear, living example of the values you expect others to uphold.

Get your story straight – if you’ve achieved success, chances are people are going to want to hear how you made it to the top. Don’t embellish or inflate – the more relatable it is, the better. Besides, there’s no point, as the truth always catches up on you.

Keep it real – never, ever, assume anything. Never presume you know what others are thinking or that you’re doing just fine. Always keep asking for feedback, whether directly, face-to-face, or through a confidential survey process. You cannot expect people around you to accept any type of feedback unless you show how much you love it yourself!

Stand for something – if you’re in a position to inspire people and lead them towards something amazing and important, then you can’t afford to be shy. Let your passion show! Your authentic excitement will be infectious and will serve to motivate others into action…….and if you’re not a naturally comfortable public speaker, then get yourself a coach and practise, practise, practise! A few simple skills under your belt and you’ll have the energy to galvanise any crowd!!

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