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A race against time?








Do you sometimes forget your appointments, dates, files, keys or even important deadlines?

Do you have access to all the technology in the world and still find yourself apologising for these oversights?

Do you sometimes even wish there were more than 24 hours in the day?

Oh, dear……I, for one, certainly DO NOT want my days any longer than they are – the current 24-hour period, that we humans have created as our daily measure of time, is quite long enough, thank you!

Managing one’s time is something of an illusion, really, as we all have the same, perceived, 24 hours available to us. What’s missing, when it feels like we’re racing against it, is our ability to FOCUS on what’s important. Invariably, it’s simply down to not being mentally disciplined enough – if it’s all too easy to become distracted from what’s important in any given moment, of course we find ourselves being dragged into all that other stuff, labelled as “apparently” urgent.

I devote time and energy to supporting people in their desire to attain such disciplined, elevated levels of consciousness. This blog, however, quite obviously, does not lend itself to that same experience! So, in the meantime, in the absence of the latter, I do hope that the following few strategies help you to feel more organised and productive…… until you feel brave enough to ask about how to access the unlimited power of your mind!


Look into how you’re currently using your time – keeping a log will amaze you as you’ll see exactly how much time you spend (or waste!) on activities such as e-mailing, social networking, eating, drinking and travelling. Now, I’m not saying eating, drinking, travelling etc. are a waste of time, in and of them, themselves……but unless you can remember exactly what you ate, drank, witnessed on your travels, etc. then, yes, you are absolutely wasting (as opposed to enjoying) your time!

Prioritise your daily to-do list: must do today, would like to do today, could leave until tomorrow, etc.

Each evening, plan the next day and then stick to it. Show some conviction and make those non-negotiable items, just that. Be a person of purpose, who means what they say and always keeps their promises – if you don’t see yourself as a person of integrity, you can’t possibly expect anyone else to see you this way.

Do not lurch for the phone every time it rings! If you’re absorbed in an activity of importance, stay with it……the phone call is an interruption to your flow – a distraction sent to test your emotional control and discipline of mind! Stay in charge of your flow and respond only when you are ready. Leaping up to answer any phone the moment it rings just shows a mindless, knee-jerk reaction, not a carefully thought-through, timely response. Hard to achieve?? Well, any discipline requires practice, so do yourself a favour and start practising! You’ll find yourself reacting to things a whole lot less and responding to people much, much more.

E-mailing is addictive! Stop the compulsion and turn it off when you’re concentrating – simple!

Say “No” (politely) more often – focus on your mission, your purpose, whatever it is you want to have happen today and stick with it – other people’s “urgent” stuff invariably clashes with your important stuff, so don’t let it! – again, simple!

Don’t put things off – there in no time like the present and the only power we have is in the NOW!

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