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Emotional Etiquette

As the Brits often tell us, there is a time and a place for the stamping of one’s feet and for inconsolable or uncontrollable weeping. However, while one’s sense of propriety matters, it’s also important to remain true to our emotions. How we feel shouldn’t always be dictated by what others think or what they consider to be appropriate.

Just because a day of mourning or one of national celebration has been announced by the media, this does not mean that we must all be obliged to feel mournful or celebratory.

By the same token, just because nobody else considers it a big deal that your cat may have just died or your loved one has left you, it doesn’t mean that your grief is any less painful or valid: so, cry when you want and laugh when you want – be real with whatever it is you’re feeling and the world will be real with you.

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