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Be a STAR!






Being able to showcase your skills is vital if you want to prove your flexibility and adaptability – it makes you highly attractive to potential recruiters.

The STAR technique below demonstrates, brilliantly, how to present any setbacks you may have faced as part of a story you can tell with confidence and conviction!


Step What to do Example
S – Situation Define what happened and your position “I left my old job to start up my own business, but just as I was about to begin, the funding fell through and the business folded.”
T – Task Identify what you needed to do “I needed to find new work quickly to make ends meet, but I didn’t want to take a step backwards in my career.”
A – Action Describe what you did to fix things “I took on a temporary job that wasn’t in the right area and used my free time to get more training in technical skills, as this is where my real interest lies.”
R – Result Show what you achieved “I was then able to apply for jobs that required more technical expertise and I’m now working my way back up the ladder in the right field.”


Be the STAR in your own movie and never listen to anyone who says you can’t do it!!

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