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Sunny Day!








I don’t know about you, but my childhood memories of the summer holidays are full of nothing but sunshine…….and I’m sure that that cannot possibly be true…..growing up in ‘60s/70s England, surely there was more rain than sun?!?

Well, through the mists of time, I’m beginning to see that maybe, for me, those days were always sunny……simply because, when we had the rainy days, they had me lost in the magical world of movies and the golden days of Hollywood!

Listening to Wham’s jitterbug number, “wake me up before you go, go”, it takes me right back to those days of innocence. Containing some eerily evocative words, which due to the recent loss of one truly remarkable woman, I seem to have had this song on repeat, since 13th May!

….….you get the grey skies out of my way, you make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day, you turned a bright spark into a flame, my beats per minute have never been the same……I really do feel my childhood has now well and truly gone……mortified at the news of her death.…..her beautifully melodic voice, her goofball acting, her mesmerising song & dance routines, her amazing smile, her hysterical laugh, not to mention her love for animals and her strength of character……and if Stella McCartney, our adidas icon, has Doris Day as her very own role model, I’m delighted to discover that I’m in great company! Not only that, but I find that William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, also held a candle for this leading lady!!

To have survived a near-death car crash, used her recuperation time to perfect her singing voice, fixed herself to be able to dance professionally when she was told she’d never walk again, ditched an abusive husband, recovered from bankruptcy due to another husband ripping her off of her millions and losing her son to cancer, if this is not a woman who lived to the age of 97 due to her uncanny ability to bounce back, time after time, by choosing to always look at the sunny side of life, I don’t know who is!!! No wonder I’ve always loved her and recognised how important an influence she was to me: she was, indeed, the original inspirational winner!!

I wanted her to live forever, and maybe, when I’m not feeling so sad, I’ll realise that she will indeed do just that……immortalised in those ridiculously funny films, where she sends herself up to such heights, she also has the ability to make you feel sadness to great depths…..and no wonder, given the incredible life she led.

Able to wake me out of any stupid stupor as a kid, I know she still can so, move over darling, and let me give this adorable angel another few hours of my time as I watch her dance and listen to her sing “que sera, sera”……..rest in peace, dear Doris……you made your mark and made every day a sunnier place, not just for me, but for our whole, wide, wonderful world – God bless you, I’ll miss you so much!!!

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