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Lady Luck







Luck be a Lady Tonight – from the musical, Guys & Dolls – the song makes me think of casinos, black jack, poker, roulette wheels and Monte Carlo!!…. which is where I just happen to be right now!

For those of you who believe that luck is simply a random thing, meant for some and not for all, then, please, read on……

When you think of someone you believe to be lucky, what do you notice in them? You see someone who’s not afraid of the things that others fear most. They seem more bothered about missing an opportunity, than fearing rejection. They take chances all over the place, not knowing where these risks will take them, trusting that good fortune simply follows them around.

They have, what we call, an internal locus of control, believing that their own actions have a direct impact on the success of their lives. They take charge of their own destinies and waste no time blaming others for anything, considering this to be totally futile. They look for possibilities in the future, as opposed to what may have gone wrong in the past. They never make excuses, they just ask the question, “In what ways can I/we sort this?”, rather than reliving and talking about the problem again and again. They believe there is always a solution to every situation.

Luck is not a random game of chance – it comes from our taking actions, based on a firm set of beliefs that liberate and empower us. It’s about seeing what’s possible, even in our darkest hours, and grabbing the opportunity the moment it strikes. No room for hesitation or rumination, or you’ll just talk yourself out if it!

You need to be aware of what’s going on around you for you to be able to acknowledge that a whole series of circumstances will have been acted upon by you for you to have ended up as ‘lucky’! It won’t have just happened!

People can start off as the richest in the world and end up with nothing……. fortunately, the reverse is also just as true. No-one is born lucky – with all that’s gone on for me, from the tail-end of 2018 and the start of 2019, I was beginning to wonder what luck was all about…. until I remembered that we all make our own luck!

It’s never about the cards we’re dealt in life, it’s always about how we play them!! ….and that much, I do know!!!

Bon chance, mes amis!!!


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