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Birthday-note to self







I have always loved writing, ever since I was a small child, losing myself in the creation of some fantastic story. Today, my blogs provide the perfect vehicle for me to continue with this luxury, putting pen to paper (or hitting key to type), sharing my experiences to, hopefully, inspire and encourage others to also follow their heart.

I remember only too clearly sitting both my Maths and French ‘O’ levels (as they were called back then) on my 16th birthday. Yuck!! Whilst I’m pleased to report, I passed both, at least there are no exams today. However, I will still be working and happy to say, loving it……and it seems I’m not the only one reaping the benefits of writing.


A recent study tested how writing can impact a woman’s body satisfaction. A group of women were asked to spend 15 minutes writing three letters to themselves from the perspective of a close friend who loved them, warts and all.

Letter #1 was a basic self-compassion letter, written from the viewpoint of this friend.

Letter #2 was a self-compassionate letter, specifically directed at their body.

Letter #3 was, again, written to their body, this time showing appreciation and gratitude for everything it could do.

In all three cases, there was shown to be a significant increase in body image satisfaction! Such a simple exercise with amazing results!

So, ladies (and gents, for that matter!), how about making yourselves feel fantastic? Get your pens and papers, poised at the ready, and get writing!!

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