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Big school looms ahead!








The last half-term of the academic year is already upon us and, with my little nephew, Amaan, soon to move to ‘big school’, I can’t help but remember my own first day at secondary school, back in the glam rock days of September 1973!!

The transition from junior to senior school (as I still like to call it!) is an exciting, yet daunting time for both pupils and parents. I expect many of you can remember how it felt – between the ages of 10 and 12, it’s very easy to feel lonely, that tender age when you’re starting life at a new school.


  • Keep things in proportion – don’t minimise the move to senior school – it’s a big change – but don’t make a mountain out of it either.
  • Listen to your child – the things they’re worried about may not have even occurred to you.
  • Give them space – there’s a lot to take in during the first few weeks at a new school, so let them assimilate things at their own pace.
  • Discuss the school’s policies on the use of mobile phones and social media with your child and show that you support them, especially if this differs from what goes on at home.
  • Take every opportunity to visit and get to know the school – things will have changed massively since your day, so do your best to attend any pre-term events over the summer.
  • If you’re worried, make sure you don’t pass it on to your child. Being confident as parents, will help set the example for your kids to feel confident, too!


Happy new school days, Amaan, you, beautiful, little boy! Be good, be clever, be funny, be cool and enjoy every moment! You’re not so little now, I know, but you’ll always be your mum and dad’s adorable baby!

I shall delight in seeing you grow up to become the very best version of yourself that you can be! All my love to you!!


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