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Inspirational Winners


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Impact & Influence

When was the last time you were instrumental in changing the mindset of those around you?

Your influence matters more than you think – learn how to inspire and make a positive impact!

Evidence wins the day

Facts, figures, explanations and logical arguments are very persuasive. There is no way your Chief Executive, or any member of the Board, will buy into your proposal if you haven’t detailed the research to back up your ideas. The only way to win people over and get them to understand your proposal is to convince everyone with some substantial, verified data.

Easy does it

If people can see the benefit, they will buy into what you’re saying, but you must connect with your audience. It is vital to know who these people are in advance of any important presentation. Concentrate on building relationships long before, especially with those you know will be considering your ideas and listen carefully to what they say.

Make concessions

A win-win outcome is the only outcome worth having. Look for opportunities where you can make the necessary concessions so that everyone feels as though they’re winning. It’s easy to work from the premise that we all have the same outlook and values, but people learn, react and are influenced in very different ways. Spend time figuring out a little about how people tick and then adopt the most appropriate way forward so you have willing co-operation as opposed to a mere compromise.

Timing is key

It’s always a case of do or say the right thing at the right time, or you’ll simply blow it. People are focused on all sorts of different priorities on different days, so showing some real sensitivity on your part will be worth its weight in gold in the long run when wanting to win people over. Play it steady – slowly, slowly, catchy monkey, as they say – and the very best of luck!!



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